Ok, it's almost time. I have been reaching out to dressers for 6 months now, and have received very little feedback, interest, or willingness to participate. So, those that have been involved are going to get a leg up. Those that particpate from here on also will get a leg up, and here is how.

In about 3 weeks, the site will start to be developed, and I'll know more about when it will go live then. To kick things off, I'll put up the cash to pay for the whole thing to get done and deployed. Here is what I need now.

I need volunteers to meet up, and help me pick the prizes for a raffle we are going to hold to replace and add to the funds needed to get everything going. We have to figure out prizes that both sell tickets, and make dressers happy. We also have to keep the prizes legal. As I've been telling people all along, almost anything we do, raising funds, clothes drives, whatever, will either earn participating members cash or credit to membership fees when they start.

The top-5 ticket sellers for the raffle will earn a percentage of the funds raised in cash as a bonus. I don't mean just the tickets they sell, but of all tickets sold by everyone. So if we raise $5000.00 total, the top 5 ticket sellers will get a percentage of the 5k. The second 5 top sellers, 6-10, will also earn a percentage, but instead of cash, it will be credited to your account towards membership fees once they start. Just think about this. No matter what we do, what part people play in it, those that help in one way or another, be it raising funds or helping moderate parts of the site, or just a membership drive, will benefit in some way whether cash or membership credits. Not a bad idea wouldn't you say? Those I have talked to in person know some of the finincial opportunities that are coming down the pike too.

To stress participation is the key to the whole thing, those that show for the prize picking meeting will get tickets to sell 1 week before all others. There is a week head start to be a top 5 seller over all others. Unfair advantage? Not in my opinion, why reward anyone who sits on the sidelines and does nothing?

If the prizes themselves turn out to be something involving fun with a dresser, then I'll make a post for anyone wanting to be the dresser who wants to be that prize, and they too will get something. Due to legality, more of recognition or first in line to some other opportunity, since it can't be financial in scope for that part.

If interested in being part of the prize committee, so I'm going to name it, email me at marlene@crossdresserscave.com. Word of warning, once I have enough people to say let's have the meating, and I ask you to confirm you will be there at the time and place, this is where talkers can just stay home. If you don't show, I don't care what the reason is, after you confirm, I will mark your account with a NS mark. From now till the time I die, you will never be asked, be able to volunteer, or participate in events again, even paid ones. Do not take this lightly, for I have no intention of changing this. As for the meeting itself, dress in some way. It's not who dresses the most, who is passable or not, nor somewhere in public for anyone to be seen, only the people coming will see anyone else. They will also be the only ones that know the time and location of the meeting itself.